About SCCC

The Southern California Children’s Chorus was founded in 1996 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is “enhancing children’s lives through distinguished choral music education and world-class performance.”  SCCC currently serves nearly 300 children, ages 5 through 20. Through a program stressing musical aptitude, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence and personal growth, SCCC strives to develop the entire character of its young singers.

A recipient of 3 Emmy awards, SCCC has gained international acclaim for the quality of its music education program.  Our choruses are featured frequently at Orange County's Segerstrom Hall and have thrilled audiences at Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House, Westminster Abbey and the White House.  In addition, SCCC has contributed singers for Touchstone and MGM films, television productions and commercials, orchestral, adult choral, and opera productions, rock music recordings, and many Disney events, both televised and live.  Its Emmy-winning performances include a collaboration with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith in a stirring rendition of "Dream On" for ESPN's E:60 special, "Boston Strong," as well as a live performance of What a Wonderful World” with Esperanza Spalding at the 84th annual Academy Awards.

Our sequential choral program consists of six choirs guided by a highly skilled and experienced faculty.  SCCC is tuition-based and is dedicated to making its programs available to children from all economic backgrounds, providing scholarships and other forms of assistance to families in need. Striving to make membership as affordable as possible, the SCCC engages in an array of fundraising activities, deriving the significant portion of its budget not covered by tuition from tax-deductible contributions from the community as well as support from grant-making organizations.

More about our choruses

Concert Chorus - Lori Loftus, Founding Director and Tina Peterson, Co-Director

SCCC Concert ChorusThe Concert Chorus is SCCC’s premier performing/touring chorus. The Concert Chorus is comprised of approximately 70 choristers primarily from grades 7 through 12. Choristers are promoted to the Concert Chorus upon displaying the maturity and musical and vocal skills needed to meet the challenge of learning and performing a large, sophisticated and difficult performance repertoire. Learn More About the Concert Chorus

Advanced Chorus - Mikaela Curtis, Co-Director and Ebun Agboola, Co-DirectorSCCC Advanced Chorus

The Advanced Chorus is comprised of approximately 50 members from grades 6-10. This is the entry-level chorus for members of this age group with vocal readiness, maturity and musicianship. The Advanced Chorus provides continued training in vocal technique, breathing, theory, Kodaly sight singing, ear training and the development of performance technique.Learn More About the Advanced Chorus

Intermediate Chorus - Emily Helmick-Pamplin, Director and Lindsay Johnson, Assistant Director

SCCC Intermediate ChorusThe Intermediate Chorus is comprised of approximately 50 choristers from grades 4-6. This is the usual entry-level chorus for new members of this age group with vocal readiness and maturity. The Intermediate Chorus provides extensive training in vocal technique, breathing theory, Kodaly sight singing, ear training and the development of performance technique.  Learn More About the Intermediate Chorus

Apprentice Chorus - Sara Littlefield, Director and Quintessa Wedell, Assistant Director

SCCC Apprentice ChorusThe Apprentice Chorus is comprised of approximately 65 choristers from grades 2 and 3. This entry-level chorus for new members is a readiness program in which the basics of vocal production and musicianship are presented in a manner suitable for the age group. The emphasis is on musicianship training as developed by Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly. Learn More About the Apprentice Chorus

Primary Chorus - Noelle Nielsen, Director

SCCC Primary ChorusPrimary Chorus is designed for children in the first grade. Children at this level will begin to read some pitches and simple rhythms. Through the use of the Kodaly Method the children are introduced to solfa syllables and their relationship to the staff and to each other. At first the melodic and rhythmic patterns – which are based on childhood chants – are simple, but the children learn to associate them with the solfa syllables. In time, the children will be able to read basic pitch and rhythm patterns at sight. Learn More About the Primary Chorus

Kinder Chorus - Marga Gargantiel, Director

SCCC Kinder ChorusKinder Chorus is designed for children 5 years of age. With repeated experiences Kinder Chorus singers will begin to develop and perceive the concepts of music, which include the sense of steady beat and rhythm. The repertoire of songs in Kinder Chorus include a wealth of age-old folk songs and singing games, which are pleasing and possess aesthetic value. All of this is accomplished through the use of the Kodaly Method of music instruction for children. Learn More About the Kinder Chorus