Rehearsals & Level Placement

Level Placement

Thank you for your interest as we celebrate our 25th year of singing!

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    Due to the Covid-19 situation, health and safety of choristers and staff has been considered and on-line rehearsals will be used for the 2020-2021 choral season. 


    Rehearsals are held on Tuesday afternoons from September to June at:
    Orange County Music and Dance
    17620 Fitch Avenue #160
    Irvine, CA 92614


    4:30 to 5:10 pm

    Primary Chorus:
    5:20 to 6:00 pm

    Apprentice Chorus:
    Early Bird Session
    4:20 to 5:20 pm

    Late Bird Session
    5:30 to 6:30 pm

    Intermediate Chorus:
    4:30 to 6:15 pm

    Advanced Chorus:
    4:30 to 6:30 pm

    Concert Chorus:
    4:30 to 6:45 pm

    Parents, please accompany your children to and from the lobby.

    Cafe, lobby and outside patio are open to parents during rehearsal times.