General Information for all Choristers

May 2019


A marvelous May to all our choristers and families!

We are nearing the end of our choral season. There were many triumphs in this year! Bravo to you all!

Please read the information for your chorus and mark your dates. Thank you for finishing strong. We hope your season has been a growing experience for you, and a joyous one. The SCCC faculty is very proud of you and all your accomplishments. We hope to see you again next season.

Please know that SCCC is seeking BOYS for our 2019-2020 choral season. Talk to your friends! We want to double our numbers. Send them in!

Have a healthy and successful month.

Ticket sales for the Spring Concert have begun. Check the concert tab for a link to the ticket sales webpage. Each chorister should invite at least 4 people. Ask family, friends, and neighbors.

Miss Lori and the SCCC faculty